In 2017 we reached out to a younger set of women in Kampala.  We invited 18-30 year old gals to join Sisters of Hope International as a sub group called Young Entrepreneurial Ladies Program (YELP).  Our criteria was vulnerable girls who had been kicked out of school or removed due to financial reasons, or were unemployable at present.  We interviewed over 40 such ladies and selected 26 to join our Basic Business Training in October 2018.  They did an intensive 18 week training in two and a half months.  Upon graduation of BBT they started their own Village Bank so that after skills training was complete they would be able to borrow start-up capital to invest in their own business.  As of June 2018, 21 gals are actively completing their skills training, have money in their Village Bank and are being mentored by our Business Mentors, Agnes Mutonyi and Esther Lubuga.  We look forward to hearing their success stories!